Blog: Salvo Shots

  1. Social Media

    Date 14 Jun 2017
    Dear visitor, hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the images on my website. Just wanted to let you know that you can follow my work on Instagram to keep an eye on what it is currently going on. I am on @salvo_ts Looking forward to seeing you there

  2. We are one

    Date 25 Apr 2017
    One world, 2 communities: Reading, UK - Sana’a, Yemen. It was a pleasure and privilege to be present and photograph the Open day for Art in Dee Park in March 2017, Reading where a group of local artists from the Engine Room group worked together with the people of Sana’a…

  3. The Locals - 12 - The Original Jelly Bean

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    Welcome to he final post of this (very) short series. It’s been about satisfying little curiosities and give a little introduction to some people within the local community in Reading: in some cases a first time meeting, while in others a catch up to find out a little bit more…

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