Art Junction, by the blue wall

"Art Junction, by the blue wall" is a tribute to the people at the Art Junction in Oxford Road in Reading, people that work, help, create, survive, love and live.The Art Junction group was set up more than 10 years ago by artists and creative people whose lives have been disrupted by mental health illness. Art Junction are committed to promoting the work of artists who live with mental illness.The purpose of the Art Junction group is to provide opportunities for expression to further personal fulfilment, to give opportunities to acquire and develop new skills, to develop self confidence and self esteem through participation in the arts.Art Junction helps to develop and nurture the artistic and creative potential of their members and increase their access to the benefits of the arts as an integral part of individuals' care and recovery.Its a place to inspire, be inspired, laugh lots, find friends and sometimes a place to just be.Many thanks to those that helped and sat for me: Clem, Shane, Kevin, Daniella, Mark, Claire, Roo, Simon, Chris, Karl, John , Melvin, Julian, Len, Becky and Lisa.

(September 2011)

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